Ex-CIA officer Gus Hunt - Shifting towards data-centric security
US Gov. Encryption Back Doors Are A Bad Idea
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Rapid innovation should be counterbalanced by sensible security measures to protect our lives in the virtual space and, so far, encryption has proved to incredibly useful in doing just that. Encryption is after all the through-line of our daily digital routines, and is present (or should be present) in every message, transaction and video call you receive.

Our next podcast guest, prominent cybersecurity expert Gus Hunt, also shares our enthusiasm for all things encrypted. With experience working across the C-Suite in both government and private roles within the CIA and Accenture, Gus provides a unique outlook on both the case for strong encryption and the challenges it can present to law enforcement agencies.

Expect to get the low down on space exploration, intelligence service insights, encryption backdoors and much more in the next episode of under CTRL!