(Clip) The Road to Well is Paved with Good Intentions

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(Forgive the wind, sheep and horses who intermittently appear in this episode - it was recorded in an open field in the wilds of Shropshire!)Today’s episode is largely inspired by a pair of rose tinted glasses I used to wear as a student.Notwithstanding they gave me a 60’s hippy-chick kind of look (always pleasing!), I loved them as much for the glow they gave the world. And when I look back now I see them as a fitting metaphor for how I chose to view the world.I wanted things to be ok - and that’s how I preferred to see them.An important point here is that having a positive outlook is all well and good, as long as it doesn’t prevent us from seeing, or feeling, the truth of things. This idea of how we can balance optimism with truth, in order to stay present and grounded, is something I’m going to explore more in later episodes in this series.In this episode I want to focus on the power of good intentions. And how they form a core tenet of Positive Psychology.We all know the phrase that the road to hell is paved with good intentions - and I was possibly excessively pleased when I titled this episode! Because rather than being something to avoid or be wary of, there’s a power to having a positive intent.There’s a power to seeing ourselves and others’ through a lens of positivity - that can influence our well-being on a deep level, physically and psychologically.As with everything there’s a subtlety to it - very little in this life is binary. And we need to allow ourselves to feel into things in order to see what feels true.Ultimately the question we can ask ourselves is ‘How do I want to feel?’.I explore this through a couple of day-to-day experiences to highlight how we can give ourselves the choice of how we see things. Not in an artificially rose-tinted way but in a deeper, actively conscious way.There are a couple of teachers I reference here, specifically their work in this area:Tara Brach and her powerful question: ‘Who are you if everything is ok?'Rick Hanson and his ‘Just one thing’ weekly emails (well worth receiving if you’re interested in Positive Psychology)Thank you as always to Angus at https://www.changomusic.com/ for his music and production xJoin the mailing list to get new episodes straight to your inbox https://hennyflynn.ck.page/b488b090c7Find out more about Henny's coaching, books, retreats & speaking events https://www.hennyflynn.co.uk/
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