and Kmele Foster (Freethink), Matt Welch (Reason), Michael Moynihan (Vice)

Episode 177: "More COVIDAPALOOZA, We're Inside the Plane, Matt Lovingly Fingers His Axe"
Matt Welch hates the White House Covid press conferences

- The lads are losing it in quarantine

- New York is "authentic" again / full of crackhead zombies

- Being entrepreneurial in a time of crisis

- So what's happening in COVID world

- And what does Kmele think *now*?

- Is this all capitalism's fault?

- More studies, more confusion

- The shitty media is even shittier than ever

- Hating on De Blasio

- Manufacturing scientific consent

- It's MH370. And we're inside the plane

- A wee bit of mail from a wee Scot Trot 

- Is there anything to talk about *but* COVID?

- Kmele has a new telescope/is a huge nerd in the woods

Recorded: March 26th, 2020

Released: March 27th, 2020

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