568 - You Don't Have to Be Qualified to Go After Your Dream with Dan Carlin Host of "Hardcore History"
Dan Carin on his “Painfotainment” episode of Hardcore History
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Dan Carlin hosts the #1 history podcast, “Hardcore History.” It has a cult following. For a lot of reasons: 1. Dan has an incredible voice. 2. his research is so weird and extensive and detailed. And 3. Dan is known for breaking rules. He went around the standard path. And decided that he didn’t need to have a history degree or some pre-approved "credentials" to create the best history show out there. He just went ahead and did it. So I have him on today to find out how he gave himself permission to do what he loves. Despite all the reasons not to... So that we can give ourselves that same permission and start to do what we love. 
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