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Statistical Correctness

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The current state and future of {rtweet}, bringing the best of testing and CI/CD in a statistical package, and navigating through a Shiny maze (literally). Episode Links This week's curator: Eric Nantz - @theRcast (Twitter) & (Mastodon) rtweet future Ensuring & Showcasing the Statistical Correctness of your R Package Shiny Monster Maze Entire issue available at Supplement Resources Lluis Revilla's call for a co-maintainer of {rtweet} Denis Pushkarev's post on the current state of core-js: {mmrm} Mixed models for repeated measures in R: Shiny Monster Maze blog post: Supporting the show Use the contact page at to send us your feedback Get a New Podcast App and send us a boost! Support creators with boostagrams using Podverse and Alby: A new way to think about value: Get in touch with us on social media Eric Nantz: @theRcast (Twitter) and (Mastodon) Mike Thomas: @mike_ketchbrook (Twitter) and (Mastodon)
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