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No Agenda Episode 1389 - "Wigglesworth" "Wigglesworth" Executive Producers: Knight YYZ loving Long Islander Ella Kopistecki Percy from Parts Unknown The Christensen Family Bernard Sirr Jason Bauman Sir Brian of London Sir Ken of Pennsyltucky -> Baron of South Felton Seth DuCasse Brandon Keafer Sir Greg of the Surprise Headlocks Stuart The Strange Black Dame Local of the Lost Pines Associate Executive Producers: John Taylor Sir Kit Bored Betty Solero Scott Tillema Rich Malloy Sir Ben of The Apex, Baronet of Orland Township Rebecca Brahm Sir A Source Familiar with the Matter - Baron of the Great Lakes Watershed Kenneth Corson 1389 Club Members: Become a member of the 1390 Club, support the show here Boost us with with Podcasting 2.0 Certified apps: Podfriend - Breez - Sphinx - Podstation - Curiocaster - Fountain Title Changes Sir Ken of Pennsyltucky -> Baron of South Felton Knights & Dames Shawna Benson -> Black Dame Loca of the Lost Pines Jim -> Knight YYZ Loving Long Islandera Greg Oleksiak -> Sir Greg of the Surprise Headlocks Art By: Korrekt Da Rekard End of Show Mixes: Tom Starkweather - Professor JJ Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry Mark van Dijk - Systems Master Ryan Bemrose - Program Director Back Office Aric Mackey Chapters: Dreb Scott Clip Custodian: Neal Jones NEW: and soon on Netflix: Animated No Agenda No Agenda Social Registration Sign Up for the newsletter No Agenda Peerage ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) 1389.noagendanotes.com New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) archive.noagendanotes.com RSS Podcast Feed Full Summaries in PDF No Agenda Lite in opus format NoAgendaTorrents.com has an RSS feed or show torrents Last Modified 10/10/2021 15:17:52This page created with the FreedomController Last Modified 10/10/2021 15:17:52 by Freedom Controller  
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