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Interview: RSS Blue

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Special Guests Chris Mottes - CEO at Hindenburg SystemsHindenburg announced this week Hindenburg PRO v2, a new version of the editor with new features including transcription. Podnews has an exclusive review of the new version. Here are the Hindenburg team demonstrating the new Hindenburg PRO v2.Dovydas Joksas - CEO RSS Blue RSS Blue now support keysend protocol and .well-known lookup scheme which means you will be able to fetch wallet details from any provider that supports it.  Show NotesVox Media Podcast Network’ is raising $100 million from Penske Media who will own about 20% of Vox Media, making it the largest shareholder of the company.Spotify has a new investor. San Francisco-based hedge fund ValueAct Capital Management.Acast published its year-end financial report. In Q4/22, Acast claims 1.3bn listens (up 22% y/y). Net sales for the quarter were up 35% y/y to SEK454mn (US $43.7mn). They are on track towards profitability in 2024.Descript has made a number of changes to its redesignPodimo is to enter the UK podcast market with more than twenty new now supports Podcast.Txt for ownership verification. Publisher Podcast Awards night in London on Wednesday April 26th 2023. Support the showConnect With Us: Email: Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡ and ⚡ Mastodon: and Support us: Get Podnews:
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