(Clip) Honouring what we need, when we need it most, with Susan McCulley

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This episode was inspired by two personal, challenging events... that each required a moment to regroup, to come back to self.One of the events we discuss really belongs to my husband  - here I share my experience of his story. And the other belongs to my guest today, the wonderful Susan McCulley.Susan joined me in a previous conversation. That was the first time we'd spoken - and we knew we'd want to speak again!So, I've asked her back to share more of her wisdom in this, our 37th episode, and the final one in this Series. (Series 4 will arrive in a few weeks time). This episode covers the importance of how we care for ourselves in the moment when things feel hard to handle.We include Susan's own experience of panic attacks and how she's learnt to handle them, and tips and tools to help us all in challenging times - I think of them as First Aid.As ever, there's more information in the show notes and further resources to explore. I'm very mindful that we're all in another period of transition, so this feels a timely moment to be having this conversation. I hope you find it useful and I look forward to being with you in Series 4.Henny xhenny@reegroup.co.ukPS: There are limited spaces left in the next Season Retreat - SUMMER, Sat June 5 - it would be wonderful to welcome you there xFULL SHOW NOTES https://www.reegroup.co.uk/s3-11-honouring-what-we-need-when-we-need-itCONTACT SUSAN www.susanmcculley.comThe Age of Becoming https://www.facebook.com/groups/411723369813607GRATITUDEThank you as always to Angus McLeod at changomusic.com for his music and production.WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY THE REGROUP HOUR on FACEBOOK - a place for further exploration. Everyone welcome! https://www.facebook.com/groups/thereegrouphourTHE POSITIVE MENOPAUSE - for all women experiencing menopause (from peri to post)https://www.facebook.com/groups/thepositivemenopauseJoin the mailing list to get new episodes straight to your inbox https://hennyflynn.ck.page/b488b090c7Find out more about Henny's coaching, books, retreats & speaking events https://www.hennyflynn.co.uk/
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